Inverse Problems April 13th - July 10th 2015


Colin Guillarmou, École normale supérieure
David Dos Santos Ferreira, Université de Lorraine
Matti Lassas, University of Helsinki
Jérôme Le Rousseau, Université d'Orléans


Charlotte Saint-Léger CEB organization assistant
Sylvie Lhermitt CEB Manager

Main events

CIRM Summer preschool

April 13th to 17th

Spectral and Analytic Inverse Problems

May 4th to 7th

Geometric Inverse Problems

June 8th to 12th

Stability and Reconstruction Issues

June 29th to July 3rd

Schedule of the program

Available here

What's new?

    The schedule of the first conference is now available here.
    The content of the courses will be progressively updated.


    Deadline for financial support extended to: October 6th 2014
    Registration is free however mandatory